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Opening of Annual Exhibition

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Barry Camera Club officially opened their Annual Exhibition of Work at the Art Central Gallery, Barry Public Library, Kings Square, on Friday 7th August 2015.  Attending the event were Tracey Harding (Art Central and Gallery Manager), Councillor Lis Burnett (Cabinet Member for Regeneration), Councillor Fred Johnson (Mayor, Vale of Glamorgan) and Jane Hutt AM.

The evening went very successfully and Jane Hutt commented

“It was a delight to officially open the Barry Camera Club Exhibition at Art Central on Friday 7th August with such a splendid display of talent and imagination making full use of the digital media now available to photographers. The range of photographs depicting local scenes as well as worldwide experiences was truly inspirational.  Well done Barry Camera Club and I urge people to visit the exhibition.”

The exhibition runs until Saturday 5th September at Art Central with opening hours 10.00am until 4.00pm.

Freedom Of Panorama Verdict

Written by Nico Trinkhaus on 10th July 2015

Your voices have been heard by the European Parliament and by the European Commission! After handing over the half a million signatures on Wednesday, the parliament voted yesterday with a big majority against any restriction of the Freedom of Panorama!

When I handed over the petition to MEP Julia Reda, she was “overwhelmed by the responses to the petition” and stated that “the petition has changed the debate in the parliament considerably and a lot of the parliamentary groups that originally voted for a restriction of Freedom of Panorama are clearly changing their mind about this.”

And the debate changed indeed – even MEP Jean-Marie Cavada, who started everything with his proposal of restricting the Freedom of Panorama in the first place, called upon the other members of the Parliament to vote against his own amendment.  Many politicians brought the Freedom of Panorama up in the debate and mentioned that they’ve received “hundreds of e-mails and letters” from concerned people – from you!

Also the European Commission gave a clear statement by Commissioner Günther Oettinger that they “don’t intend to restrict the Freedom of Panorama”.  Instead he says that “what you can see with your eyes as a citizen, on public places and streets in Europe, you should be allowed to also photograph it with a camera.”

The primary goal is accomplished.  The parliament voted under applause that the existing Freedom of Panorama is not taken away from anybody and we can all take a deep breath.  However, we do not forget about photographers from France, Italy and other countries that currently don’t enjoy this Freedom.  We hope that the European Commission understood that this essential freedom has to apply all over Europe and we will closely monitor the proposal for the copyright reform by the European Commission that is due by the end of the year.

I thank you all for raising your voices and I’m glad that the parliament listened to our concerns!

Written by Rod Whelans and reproduced from the WPF website.

FREEDOM OF PANORAMA is an odd term to describe a provision in the copyright laws of various jurisdictions that permits taking photographs of buildings, sculptures and other art which are permanently located in a public place, without infringing any copyright that may otherwise subsist.   A European Union Directive provides for the possibility of member states having a freedom of panorama clause in their copyright laws, but does not require such a rule.  The UK Design and Patent Act of 1988 gives us Freedom of Panorama.

There are European countries such as Italy where there is no freedom of panorama at all and the publishing of photographic reproductions of public places is still prohibited.  In France, it is illegal to publish a photograph of the Eiffel Tower by night since the tower’s illuminations added in 2003 retain copyright, even though the copyright for the structure itself, built in 1889, has long since expired. Daytime photographs are acceptable.

Some newspapers, including the Daily Telegraph, reported recently that a threat to the UK’s freedom of panorama is an unfortunate by-product of an attempt to reform EU copyright laws by German MEP, Julia Reda.  Her report calls for the EU to “ensure that the use of photographs, video footage, or other images of works which are permanently located in public places are permitted”.  However, a number of MEPs are attempting to introduce an amendment which reads: “The commercial use of photographs, video footage or other images of works which are permanently located in physical public places should always be subject to prior authorisation from the authors or any proxy acting for them.”

It is quite likely that the media have over emphasised the danger. The laws should primarily only affect professional photographers using images on a commercial basis, and is unlikely to affect Club members.  However, there remains a “grey area” that could affect personal images posted on Facebook, Instagram or websites that generate revenue.

May Update

The first meeting of the month was on Friday 1st May and the Chairman opened the meeting with the news that out of the thousands of entries for the prestigious Cheltenham Salon of Photography two members have had entries accepted.  Congratulations to Mike Lewis with one acceptance and Tina Haydon who had two images accepted.  Well done, Tina!  The meeting continued with a presentation by Allen Lloyd ARPS, AWPF of his work.  Allen is a highly regarded natural history and landscape photographer who specialises in using early morning light to enhance his images.  Allen often works in extreme conditions and showed many images of his work in Yellowstone National Park taken in late January and February when night temperatures can drop as low as minus forty degrees centigrade and day temperatures can get as mild as minus fifteen degrees centigrade!  The roads are blocked by snow fall and access almost impossible except with specialised transport.  It takes an enormous amount of dedication to produce work in those conditions and the members were in awe of Allen’s commitment to his art.

Images included landscapes, shots of Geyser eruptions and many wildlife shots including Bison, Elk, Canada Geese, Otters, Deer, Coyotes, Pine Martens, Wild Turkeys and even the rarely seen wild Bobcat which is normally a nocturnal animal.  But not all of Yellowstone is covered in snow at this time and we saw some interesting images showing how hard it is to live in such conditions.  Machinery tends to suffer badly and Allen showed some pictures of how badly cars could rust in a series of pictures he took in a scrap yard.  Finally, Allen brought us back to somewhere more accessible with a series of images taken in and around the Brecon Beacons, but again predominantly taken in the early morning or late evening in the sort of weather conditions that would have had most of us scurrying for the car!

Allen also showed another side to his photography with a series of lovely images of the Wye Valley and Severn Estuary which not only served as high quality pictorial photography but also incorporated many shots showing Allen’s love of bird photography.  He wound up the evening by giving us a short question and answer session explaining his techniques, how he overcomes the challenges of the work he undertakes and subjects such as the logistics of such an expedition, the equipment needed and the inevitable (serious!) costs involved.  This was one of the most interesting nights we have had in a long time and look forward to having Allen back with us in the future.

Friday the 8th saw a talk entitled “Colour Creativity – Looking For pictures” by our own member Brian Trego. Brian is a highly experienced photographer who showed us many examples of his work and explained how he uses a combination of light and mood to create pictures that tell a story to the viewer.  Back lighting was used for some of his work but Brian favours side lighting to create shadows that in some circumstances can give an almost 3D image.  Some of the prints showed highly creative use of smoke, mist and cloud to create mood and the careful use of curved lines to lead the eye to a critical focal point within the image.  Brian then went on to show us examples of movement shown in a picture created by the deliberate use of a slow shutter speed and finished off the evening by showing a series of pictures of flowers photographed using differential focus, very effectively keeping the flower in the foreground sharp with the distracting background out of focus, keeping the viewer’s attention on the primary subject.  Thank you, Brian, for a very interesting and informative evening.

May 15th saw us at the Casa Paco restaurant for our annual Dinner and presentation of prizes.  The judge this year was Jan Cawley EFIAP/s, Hon. FWPF who was very pleased with not only the quality of the images given to her, but also the quantity and remarked how well contested the various classes were and compared this very favourably with other camera clubs in Wales.  Jan awarded prizes as follows:

The Hansen Cup for Monochrome Landscape/Seascape Print

First Place – Roy Carr for “Salt Cellar Rock”

Second Place – Brian Trego for “First Light In The Glen”

Third Place – Glenn Porter for “Helvellyn”

Highly Commended were Roy Carr for “Bigsweir Bridge” and Rob Owens for “Channel Crossing”

The T.J. Lewis Cup for Monochrome Portrait Print

First Place – Sarah Savage for “Lost In A Book”

Second Place – Francis Kestle for “Portrait of Koo”

Third Place – Glenn Porter for “Swan”

Highly Commended was Mike Lewis for “Man’s Best Friend”

The Major Arthur Hammond Cup for Monochrome Miscellaneous Print

First Place – Roy Carr for “Do Not Leave Your Baggage Unattended”

Second Place – Sarah Savage for “Me Time”

Third Place – Glenn Porter for “Chrysler Building”

Highly Commended were Roy Carr for  “Rhododendron Tangle” and Jane Clapham for “Dandelion Dreams”

The Jill Nicola Rose Bowl for Colour Landscape/Seascape Print

First Place – Glenn Porter for “Dawn At Corn Du And Pen-Y-Fan”

Second Place – Brian Trego for “Dawn In The Glen”

Third Place – Barbra Archdale-Smith for “Only A Shell Remains”

Highly Commended was Barbra Archdale-Smith for “Apparitions”

The President’s Trophy for Colour Portrait Print

First Place – Francis Kestle for “Graffiti Girl”

Second Place – Francis Kestle for “Jack Sparrow”

Third Place – Frank Cleland for “The Bride And Groom”

The A.M. Dimond Trophy for Colour Miscellaneous Print

First Place – Barbra Archdale-Smith for “A Pair Of Red Umbrellas”

Second Place – Barbra Archdale-Smith for “Gucci’s Minder”

Joint Third Place – Mike Lewis for “Ferns” and Roy Carr for “Spinning In The Rain”

Highly Commended were Sarah Savage for “Shadow Of A Memory”, Glenn Porter for “Paint Me A Memory – Champs Elysees” and Brian Trego for “Watch Your Back”

The Pauls Trophy for Landscape/Seascape Projected Image

First Place – Brian Trego for “Wastwater Storm”

Second Place – Glenn Porter for “Ridge Walk Into The Sun”

Third Place – Mike Lewis for “Pigeon Point”

Highly Commended were Roy Carr for both “Night Time Severn Bridge” and “Martindale”, and Glenn Porter for “The Long Ridge Walk Home”

The Cliff Dimond Trophy for Portrait Projected Image

First Place – Tina Haydon for “Watching”

Second Place – Mike Lewis for “Uncle Jacko”

Third Place – Ken Mayled for “The Shepherd”

Highly Commended were Roy Carr for “Mussel Man” and Tina Haydon for “Poise”

The Dan Evans Trophy for Miscellaneous Projected Image

First Place – Ken Mayled for “Awaiting The Bus”

Second Place – Kathy Edwards for “Praying Mantis”

Third Place – Rob Nicholas for “Politicians’ Day Off”

Highly Commended were Phil Stillman for “Hedgehog”, Glenn Porter for “A Spoonful Of Spooky Medicine” and Ken Mayled for “Inbound”

The Richard Hopkins Shield for Best Monochrome Print In The Competition

Roy Carr for  “Do  Not Leave Your Baggage Unattended”

The Randall Cox Trophy for the Best Colour Print In The Competition

Glenn Porter for “Dawn At Corn Du and Pen-Y-Fan”

The Projected Image of The Year Trophy

Brian Trego for “Wastwater Storm”.

Wastwater Storm by Brian Trego - Winner of The Pauls Trophy for Landscape/Seascape Projected Image
Wastwater Storm by Brian Trego – Winner of The Pauls Trophy for Landscape/Seascape Projected Image and The Projected Image of The Year Trophy

At this final stage of the proceedings the Chairman thanked Jan for a very fair judging of the images presented to her and congratulated all prize winners, finishing with his thanks and a call for a round of applause for the management and staff of the Casa Paco who hosted us admirably and fed us extremely well.  Congratulations to all those who went home clutching their trophies and certificates.

Friday the 22nd saw a showing of all prize winning images at the club, where members got a better chance to take a much closer look at all the work and got the chance to ask questions of the photographers concerned.  The Competition Secretary also announced the annual prizes for points scored across the entire year and the results were:

Monochrome Prints:

First Place – Rob Owens with 149 points

Joint Second – Glenn Porter and Mike Lewis with 144 points

Third – Roy Carr with 139 points

Colour Prints:

First Place – Barbra Archdale-Smith with 150 points

Second Place – Roy Carr with 146 points

Third Place – Frank Cleland with 144 points

Digital Projected Images:

First Place – Ken Mayled with 153 points

Second Place – Brian Trego with 143 points

Third Place – Glen Porter with 139 points

Highest Cumulative Score Across All Three Categories:

First Place – Roy Carr with 417 points

Second Place – Glenn Porter with 414 points

Third Place – Mike Lewis with 410 points

The last Friday of May is traditionally the date of our Annual General Meeting and this year’s AGM brought an end to our Winter season.

April Update

As Friday 3rd was Good Friday our April programme started on the 10th with our annual David Hunt Trophy evening.  This trophy is dedicated to our late member David Hunt, a doyen of Barry Camera Club who served the club over many years in all offices and capacities.  David was particularly interested in Natural History and the competition subject then is Natural History, split into two sections, one for prints (both monochrome and colour) and the other for projected images.  Our judge this year was Jenny Hibbert MPAGB, AFAIP, AWPF who is herself a natural history specialist and has been a guest speaker on more than one occasion.  Jenny expressed her pleasure at both the quantity and quality of the entries and was pleased that the subject is so well supported by the members at the Club.  After giving a thorough discussion to every image presented, Jenny gave the following awards:

Prints:   First place and 20  points went to Glenn Porter for his picture entitled “Swan”.  This shot narrowly beat Roy Carr’s “Bee And Poppy” into second place with 19 points and Rob Owens’ “Grey Heron” into third place with 18 points.

Projected Image: This was a very close fought contest but Ken Mayled’s “Arabian Onyx” was judged the pick of the bunch with 20 points and was also awarded the David Hunt Trophy for the best image of the evening. Phil Stillman was awarded second place for his picture “Otter On A Log” and 19 points.  Third place was not so clear cut:  Mike Lewis’ “Flower Head”, Steve Everitt’s “Preying Mantis” and three separate images by Tina Haydon entitled “Turnstone”, “Jackdaw” and “Black Headed Gull” were all awarded 18 points showing just how close the contest had been.  It was obvious that five separate images could not share third place so Jenny made a decision that third place should go to Steve Everitt’s “Preying Mantis” with the other four images being classed as Highly Commended.  Our thanks go to Jenny for a very informative and entertaining presentation.

Friday 17th saw the visit of Heidi Stewart from Gwynfa Camera Club.  Heidi is one of the circuit’s newer speakers and agreed at short notice to stand in for Graham Hodgkiss  ARPS, MPAGB, APAGB, AFIAP who was unfortunately unable to attend due to medical concerns.  Heidi’s presentation was entitled “My Journey So Far” and showed us a range of her work in print and projected image form.  We saw some wonderful landscape and seascapes from around Wales, Devon, Cornwall and the Lake District.  There was also street/urban work shown in the form of some candid shots taken of people around London.  Heidi finished off the evening with two short audio-visual presentations using the music form ‘The Ugly Bug Ball’ to show a range of insect photographs and ‘Men of Harlech’ to show a further range of Welsh landscape and seascapes.  It is rare indeed to see any audio-visual work at the club and full marks to Heidi for a very interesting evening.

Sunday 19th saw the Wildlife Group, headed by Phil Stillman, travelled to Ogmore and Kenfig Nature Reserve for a natural history outing which unfortunately was less successful than was hoped for as the wildlife simply refused to show up!  However, Summer is on its way so there will be plenty more opportunities.

Once again the month concluded with our monthly competition night.  This month the judge was Kevin Thomas MA, FRPS, Hon. FWPF.  Kevin gave a detailed and very thorough critique to every shot and despite his opening comments that he was impressed with the strength of the images he had been given and was always pleased to see work from Barry his overly-critical comments concerned some members, nevertheless he did manage to find some images that he liked and he awarded marks and prizes as follows:

Monochrome Print:  Kevin awarded twenty points to both Mike Lewis for his shot ‘The British Museum’  and also to Roy Carr for his landscape ‘Salt Cellar Rock’ and 19 points to Jane Clapham for her ‘Sunshine And Rain’.  First prize was awarded to Roy Carr, second place to Mike Lewis and third to Jane Clapham.

Colour Print:  20 points were awarded to both Barbra Archdale-Smith for ‘Hop, Skip And Jump’ and Frank Cleland for ‘Acqua Alta Reflections At Night’.  19 points were awarded to both Mike Lewis for ‘The Neglected Fishing Boat’ and Brian Trego for ‘Estuary Chat’.  Of these Frank Cleland was declared as first prize winner, Barbra Archdale-Smith second and Brian Trego third.  As Mike Lewis had also scored 19 points his print was declared Highly Commended.

The Projected Image section was, as usual, the best supported section and Kevin made the following awards: Glen Porter gained an outright first prize scoring 20 points for his ‘A Cold Day At Llantwit Major’, but 19 points were awarded to both Ken Mayled for ‘Which Bag Are You?’ and Roy Carr for “Severn Bridge At Night”.  Second place was awarded to Roy Carr and Ken Mayled was placed third.

Congratulations to all prize winners but in particular to Roy and Mike for multiple successes.

“Watch, wait – hope for the light…” – “Peak Meditations”

Our own Competition Secretary, Roy Carr, has become a writer for Artistscribbles.  His first article gives an insight into his method for creating an image.  It provides a great insight into Roy’s thought process when taking his images and the meticulous attention to detail he gives to the image.

Well done Roy, I’m sure there will be many more to come.

March Update

March’s programme started with a visit from Les Loosemore ARPS, AWPF, DPAGB who showed us a varied selection of prints, presented in a panel format.  Les is not a professional photographer – photography is his hobby and passion and he takes great delight in capturing simple but stunning images.  Members were able to take a close look at the superbly printed and presented images – many in panorama format printed on Fotospeed’s new panoramic paper.  Les makes minimal use of post-camera processing packages such as Photoshop but spends time carefully setting up the image in camera before finally clicking the shutter and preaches that understanding your equipment is the key to getting good results.  Les is always looking for new ideas and likes to explore a number of themes, often seeking out interesting details that others might miss.  Prints shown during the evening included delightful winter scenes, macro images showing the natural process of decay, paired  images of flowers and vegetation, views through an aircraft window, a Day at the Sydney Racetrack and unusual views of Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House by night including some almost abstract shots of architectural detail.

On Thursday 12th we visited Gwynfa Camera Club at their Llantrisant premises for a print battle judged by Fred Davies ARPS, AWPF and there was a strong entry from all clubs present with some exceptionally good quality prints and digital images shown.  Each club presented 6 prints and 6 digital images and as usual all images were marked out of 20 points with Barry’s highest scorer being Glen Porter who was awarded 19 points for his ‘Long Walk To Brussels Metro’.  The overall winners on the night were Rhondda with 207 points, Gwynfa coming second with 201 points and Barry third with 197 points.

The following week we hand an in-club ‘Panels and Themes’ night where members presented a number of pieces of their own work set around a theme.  This was a novel and most interesting evening where Rob Owens showed us a wide range of his top quality printing featuring landscapes, seascapes and pictorial shots and Sarah Savage showed some of her floral shots.  The digital image sections were dominated by natural history shots, with club stalwarts Steve Everett and Phil Stillman both showing some excellent examples of the subject, but stealing the show in this category was Catherine Charlton-Whitaker’s panel of wildlife shots taken in the Galapagos Islands, showing subject matter simply not available anywhere else in the world.  Other members contributed panels on various pictorial themes such as landscape, travel and local urban/architectural shots and it was interesting to see work that would not normally be seen included in competitions.

On the evening of the 20th we were visited by Mari Owen, a much travelled professional photographer who gave us a presentation of her landscape, seascape and pictorial work taken in such diverse places as the Vale of Glamorgan, Scotland, Ireland and New Zealand.  Mari’s immaculate shots taken in all weathers and lighting conditions showed a true mastery of the use of neutral density filters to accentuate skies and some of the mountain shots taken in early evening were absolutely spectacular.  No doubt we will be seeing Mari at the club again in the future.

Once again the month concluded with our monthly competition night.  This month the judge was Imants Grandulis from the Cardiff Camera Club who gave a detailed and very thorough critique to every shot.  Whilst he expressed his admiration of the overall standard of the work presented to him he did make mention of the fact the one or two prints seemed ‘gritty’ by the use of excessive contrast and that several seem to be ‘over-enlarged’ at A3 size and would have been better presented in A4 size, which is unusual in that judges generally seem to favour A3 size prints.  He awarded marks and prizes as follows:

Monochrome Print:  This was a closely fought contest with Rob Owens coming out on top with 20 points for his study of a garden workshop entitled “Barrow and Barrels”.  In joint second place with 19 points each were Mike Lewis with “Winter Trees” and Roy Carr with “Canterbury Cloisters”.  Third place was also shared with 18 points each being awarded to Sarah Savage for “Keeping Time” and Trevor Ford for “Part Of The Wheel”.

Colour Print:  First prize and 20 points went to Brian Trego for “Watch Your Back”, with second place and 19 points going to Roy Carr for his picture entitled “Steetley Pier”.  Roy scored again as joint third place winner with a print entitled “The Roof Of The Gods”, shared with Sarah Savage who also scored 17 points for her picture “Crossing”.

The Projected Image section was, as usual, the most contested section.  The winner with 20 points was Ken Mayled with his “Arabian Oryx”.  Second prize was shared by Sarah Savage with “Having a Sing Song” and Roy Carr with his “Highland Clouds”, both scoring 19 points and third prize and 18 points was secured by Tina Hayden with her “Female Kingfisher”.

Congratulations to all prize winners but in particular to Sarah and Roy for multiple successes.

February Update

February started with a visit from Andy Beel FRPS, who had the misfortune to have to travel to us using the M4 on the same evening that Wales hosted England at Rugby.  He arrived somewhat frazzled after a four hour journey from the West Country and had to launch straight into his presentation.  His talk was entitled “Mono Prints With Andy Beel” and he showed us examples of his very high grade black-and-white work.  The content was wide-ranging encompassing the usual portraiture, landscapes, seascapes and still life work but also some very interesting avant-garde ‘high art’ photography which caused much discussion amongst the members.  Despite the pressure he arrived under, Andy gave us a first class presentation and much food for thought.

On the 13th of February we visited the Vale Camera Club at Ystradowen for a seven-way print battle.  Each club entered four Colour prints and 4 Monochrome prints.  The Judge on the night was Peter Young CPAGB, AFIAP, APAGB, who gave a constructive and critical assessment of the prints and expressed his pleasure at the overall quality of the photography on show.  The winners were Gwynfa Camera Club, second place went to Bridgend Camera Club and a very good third place was gained by us at Barry Camera Club, with one of our members Barbra Archdale-Smith receiving 20 points for her Mono print “Prague Winter”.

Our next visitor was Ed Cloutman EFIAP, who gave us an evening aptly entitled “How To Make A Book With Blurb & My Way of Producing a Photograph”.  Ed started off by showing us how he compiles his photo-books using the ‘Blurb’ computer program.  Photobooks are a very effective way of presenting a series of photographs collectively, and now that the cost is becoming quite reasonable they are proving very popular for record photography and holiday photographs.  The second part of Ed’s talk was supported by a wide range of images including some interesting but unusual industrial shots taken in the Aga Cookers foundry in Coalbrook, some architectural shots using the extreme wide-angle ‘fisheye’ lens and examples of framing and presentation techniques. All in all this was a very worthwhile and varied evening.

The final meeting of the month was, as always, our monthly competition and the guest judge on this occasion was Dave Russell AFIAP.  Dave gave measured and constructive criticism during the evening and expressed his pleasure in the overall standard of the entries which inevitably led to the marking being very close.

Best Mono print scoring 20 points was judged to be Rob Owens’ “Sky Walk”.  Joint second with 19 points each were Roy Carr with “The Ram” and Glenn Porter with “Walking Home” and third place was jointly awarded to Brian Trego with “Church Steps” and Roy Carr with “Bigsweir, The Wye”.

Colour prints were equally tightly marked.  First place with 20 points was awarded to Frank Cleland for his “Family Motorbike Ride”, a sight that wouldn’t be seen in this country!  Second place at 19 points went jointly to Roy Carr with “Spinning In The Rain” and Rob Owens with “Harbour At Low Tide”.  Rob featured again with 18 points and a joint third place with his “Honda Racer”, sharing it with Barbra Archdale-Smith’s “Then And Now” and Frank Cleland’s “Sur La Plage, St. Malo”.

The projected images section did, as usual, attract the largest entry.  First place was won by Phil Stillman who was awarded 20 points for his “In Search of Pollen”.  Unusually Brian Trego shared second place with himself, his “Nantlle” and “Away From It All” both gaining 19 points.  Third place showed how tight the marking had become with four images all being awarded 18 points: Phil Stillman featured again with his “Arches”, Ken Mayled with “Lasting Looks”, Tina Hayden with “Jackdaw” and last but not least Pat Hollis with her “Starfish”.  Congratulations to all, particularly Tina and Pat for a well-deserved ‘mention in despatches’.

Next month’s programme includes a visit from Les Loosemore, a three way battle with Rhondda and Gwynfa Camera Clubs, an evening examining Panel Themes, a presentation of landscapes and seascapes by Mari Owen and will conclude with the monthly competition.

January Update

2015 began with a “Chairman’s Evening” hosted by Mike Lewis, Hon. FWPF, who gave us a talk on the history of Barry Camera Club from the time of its inception in 1901 through to the present day.  The talk was illustrated by some fascinating pictures taken from the Club’s archives which caused some discussion on how photography has developed over the years, being affected by changes in processing, equipment, style and social pressures.  A lot of the photographs obviously appeared dated but it was clear that even given the limited resources of the era there has been some exceptionally good photography at the club over the years.

On the 9th of January we were visited by Rob Mitchell, MA, who gave us a talk entitled “A Can of Worms”, a talk which was very well titled indeed!  His talk dealt with the nature of photography as an  art form and his often forthright views caused much discussion amongst the members.  The pictures used to illustrate his talk were unsurprisingly not to the obvious taste of all present but his prime intention of opening up debate and getting often very experienced (and dare I say hidebound) photographers to think about their hobby in a new and creative way certainly succeeded.  All in all, a very interesting evening indeed.

The following week our guest was Nick Jenkins ARPS, AWPF who gave us a presentation entitled “The Great Outdoors”.  Nick took us on a photographic journey through his travels showing us many wonderful landscape and natural history pictures and narrated the story behind each shot. These exhibition-quality pictures were very warmly (and indeed enviously) received by all present who enjoyed the evening immensely.  This obviously inspired our natural history section, led by Phil Stillman, to get out and about with their cameras and very early on Sunday 18th they undertook a small expedition to the banks of the River Taff near Llandaff.   No doubt we will see some of their work appear in forthcoming monthly competitions.  We were joined that night by several members of the 6th Barry Sea Scouts who are working towards gaining their photography badges.  They seemed to have enjoyed the evening and we hope they gained some ideas for their projects.

Our next presentation was a showing of the images recently presented at the prestigious Cheltenham International Salon 2014.  The evening was hosted by the highly respected Brian Swinyard BA (Hons), ARPS, EFIAP/h, DPAGB, BPE3*, PPS  and his colleague Martin Fry, FRPS.  These pictures in both print and projected image form are the work of many world-wide photographers covering the whole range of photographic subjects, and the quality of the work was absolutely first class.  There was something there to everybody’s taste and it certainly gave us something to aspire to, even though the standard was incredibly high.  It was a real treat to see a body of work of such quality and all members felt that this was one of the most enjoyable evenings for some time.

The month was wound up with our monthly competition.  Guest judge this month was Keith Sharples CPAGB, BPE1* who was very complimentary about the overall standard of the entries which he said was probably the consistently best set of pictures he had ever been presented with to judge. This made marking difficult for him with many pictures getting sixteen points, but he did manage to pick some winners as follows:

The first place for Mono prints was awarded to Glenn Porter who scored 20 points with his urban shot “Long Walk To Brussels Metro”.  In second place with 19 points was Barbra Archdale-Smith with “Prague Winter” and third place with 17 was awarded to Andrew Hallum with his “Banjo Man”.

The Colour print section was very tight indeed with a lot of prints again getting awarded sixteen points, however Barbra Archdale-Smith bagged first place with twenty points awarded to her “Apparitions”, Roy Carr gained second place and 19 points with a fine landscape entitled “Mountain Winter” and Frank Cleland took third place and 17 points with his still-life shot “Flowers For The Lady”.

Projected images caused Keith exactly the same degree of difficulty in separating the winners from the also-rans but he was able to award 20 points and first place to Phil Stillman who abandoned his favourite natural history subjects for a semi-abstract treatment of an architectural subject entitled “Curves And Shapes”.  Second place and 19 points went to Ken Mayled for his “Coming Down” and a well deserved third place and 18 points was awarded to Tina Haydon for her “Sospan Fach”.

Throughout 2015 we have a full programme of talks, demonstrations, photographic expeditions, competitions and inter-club battles planned.  New members are particularly encouraged and will be made most welcome with a programme being prepared especially for the new and less experienced photographers to allow them to quickly gain more proficiency and satisfaction from their hobby.

December Update

Barry Camera Club wound up a busy 2014 with a November three-way battle with Merthyr and Rhiwbina Camera Clubs.  The judge on this occasion was Gareth Martin  AWPF, CPAGB  who expressed his pleasure at the very high overall standard of both prints and digital images, which was reflected in the close marking of the entries.  Barry came a very pleasing first place in the print section but unfortunately we were up against some stiff opposition in the projected images section and slipped to third place.

This was followed by a portrait evening led by Martin Pinches AFIAP, AWPF who brought along his professional lighting rig and the lovely Clare for us to photograph.  No doubt we will be seeing some of her pictures in forthcoming monthly competitons and appraisal evenings.

November was wrapped up with the monthly competition judged by Mervyn Pugh ARPS, EFIAP, AWPF, DPAGB, MFIAP who gave us a detailed and well received critique of the entries.  He started with the mono prints and congratulations to Andrew Hallum who gained his first maximum of twenty points and a deserved first place with his rendition of Newport Transporter Bridge.  Barbra Archdale-Smith did well gaining second place with her “Neglected”,  and her “Let’s Go Surfing” shared  third place with Rob Owens’ “The Old Tannery”.  Barbra also did well in the colour print section getting a maximum twenty points and first place for her “A Pair of Red Umbrellas”.  Rob Owens gained second place with his “Winter Light” and three prints shared third place: Glen Porter’s “Lake District Ramblers”,  Hugh Winnan’s “Wood And Glass Design” and another Glen Porter print “Sunset Over New York Skyline”.  The projected image, always the most hotly contested category, was very close this month and was won by Ken Mayled who gained a maximum twenty points for his “Inbound”.  This was closely followed by two prints each scoring nineteen points and sharing second place, Brian Trego’s “End Of The Day” and Tom Alexander’s “Happy Moment”.  These in turn were pushed all the way by Glen Porter’s “Beach Boys” and Mike Lewis’ “I’m Watching You”, which each gained eighteen points.

December, as usual, was truncated by the holiday period.  We were visited on the 6th of the month by Jenny Hibbert MPAGB, AFIAP, AWPF who gave us a talk entitled “Tales of the Riverbank” and showed us some very interesting and high quality natural history images.

The following week our own “Mr. Landscape”,  Roy Carr, gave us a presentation entitled “An Outdoor Life”.  Roy is a prolific scenic photographer who travels far and wide in pursuit of his photography.  He displayed many of his prints and projected digital images of landscapes from both home and away, including a fabulous series of images taken in Iceland.

The year was completed before the Christmas break with the December monthly competition.  The Judge this month was Alan Shepherd AFIAP, ARPS, AWPF who lived up to his reputation and gave us a judging that was described by one member as “firm but fair”.  As usual the mono prints were presented first with Glen Porter gaining a maximum twenty points and first place with a shot of the New York skyline entitled “Chrysler Building”.  In an unusual coincidence, Mike Lewis shared second pace with himself with two prints entitled “In Need Of Repair” and “Ebb Tide”, with Rob Owens also sharing third place with himself  with his prints “Steel Works” and “Barrage Display”.  Next came the colour prints with first place going to Barbra Archdale-Smith with her twenty point winner “Only A Shell Remains”.  Mike Lewis gained second place with his “Upturned Boat And Anchor” and third place was shared between Rob Owens with his “Look!” and Roy Carr’s Icelandic landscape shot “Skaftafel: Basalt and Water”.  The Projected Images category attracted a wide range of marks but with twenty points Ken Mayled took first place with his “Eye Contact”.  Second place was shared between David Green with “Touch Down” and Steve Everett with his “British Fireworks Championship”.  Third place was shared between Glen Porter with his “New York Fire Escape” and Kathy Edwards with her natural history shot “Praying Mantis”.  Congratulations to all who gained placings with their work, particularly David, Steve and Kath who prevented the ‘regulars’ from dominating the Projected Images category.

October Update

October has been a busy month for the Camera Club.  We started our October programme on Friday 3rd with a new feature.  The members were asked to vote for and select the shots that would be entered in the forthcoming battle against the Cardiff Camera Club, a process that has formerly been the duty of a small selection committee.  However, the experiment proved a complete success with Barry doing extremely well against the Cardiff opposition.

The contest took place on Thursday 23rd October at Cardiff and was was of two rounds, prints and digital images, with the clubs submitting 10 images for each.  The judge for the evening was Jan Cawley, the current President of the Welsh Photographic Federation who, as always, offered insightful comments on the work on show.  She added to the tension by not having tallied the scores, so even she did not know which club would come out on top!  Prints were judged first.  In the last few years Barry has often come off second best with prints, but not this time!  Frank Cleland came away with a perfect 20 for his image ‘Love in the Arches’, Roy Carr’s lovely landscapes scored 19 points with ‘Buachaille Etive Mor’ and 18 with ‘Ullswater Dusk’, which secured the top 3 places.  At the half way stage Barry had scored 163 points out of a possible 200, with Cardiff only gaining 158 so first round to Barry!  Cardiff, however, reversed their fortunes with a very strong entry in the digital round, where it was they who gained the first three places.  However, Barry members Steve Everitt with his ‘Determination’, Tina Haydon with ‘Beach Den’ and Glenn Porter with his ‘New York Skyline’ scored a respectable 17 points each for Barry.  The final score was Cardiff 325 to 323 for Barry, which was a close call and a huge improvement over recent years.

The evening of Friday 10th was given over to digital imaging.  Allen Lloyd, ARPS, AWPF visited us to present his talk entitled “Essential Photoshop”.  Given the widely varying levels of ‘hands-on’ exerience with Photoshop amongst those present, Allen made the talk interesting to all, demonstrating the core concepts of selections, levels and blending and showing these in practice in examples of his own work.  Allen also showed how, for a far lower cost, the ‘Lightroom’ program which is widely considered the ‘little brother’ of Photoshop can be used to almost the same effect as Photoshop itself.  Even those members who normally shy away from too much computerised input to their photography appreciated Allen’s talk.

The following week saw us concentrating on the printed image when we were given a presentation by Gareth Martin, AWPF, CPAGB entitled “Just Mono”.  This was given over to a display of Gareth’s monochrome work, predominantly in black and white although some work was in monochromatic colour.  Gareth showed us a wide range of effects and demonstrated how a mood can be obtained by judicious use of shadow and texture.  It was also interesting to note how Gareth chose to present many of his images printed as small as six inches by eight, which is completely contrary to the popular practice of very large prints, but very interesting none the less.

The 24th saw the visit of Tenby based photographer Harry Gardiner, AWPF who gave us a talk on the creation, presentation and marketing of his panoramas,  a panorama being essentially a long, narrow picture, usually of a landscape or seascape subject.  Inevitably Harry’s photography is based on the views around his home town and he showed many attractive pieces of work and it was very interesting to compare how a professional photographer’s style and work practices differ to those of us hobbyists.

The month wrapped up on competition night.  The judge this month was the well regarded Newport photographer, John Ridgewell ARPS,  who commented favourably on the high standard of the entries in both print and digital media.  John found it difficult to separate the top entries in each category but finally settled on the prize winners for each category as follows:

Monochrome Print:  First place went to Mike Lewis who scored a maximum 20 points with his “Wheel And Wings”.  Joint second places each scoring 19 points went to Rob Owens with his portrait “Soldier of the 101st Airborne” and Glenn Porter with his landscape shot “Striding Edge to Helvellyn”.  Third place, unusually, was jointly awarded to two prints by the same photographer, Roy Carr, with his landscapes “Loch Duich Reflections” and “Contemplation”, both prints having been awarded 18 points.

Colour Print: First place with a maximum of 20 points was awarded to Glenn Porter with his “Evening View of Corn Du”.  Three prints took joint second place with 19 points:  Barbra Archdale-Smith with an urban shot entitled “Charles Bridge Strollers”, and two landscapes form Glenn Porter (“Llyn Idwal”) and Rob Owens (“Llyn Cregennen”).  Five prints shared third place each gaining 18 points.  Two of those were submitted by Frank Cleland, entitled “Bandstand at Disk” and “Fast Jet”, Two by Mike Lewis entitled “One Man and His Dog” and “At The Tip” and the fifth was Roy Carr’s “Light Around Loch Duich”.

Digital Image:  Maximum points of 20 and first place was awarded to Mike Lewis for an unusual but effective landscape entitled “Limestone Country”.  Second place was shared by David Green with his “Bin On The Pier” and Brian Trego with his “First Snow”, each scoring 19 points and there was a three way tie for third place: Tom Conibear with a natural history shot entitled “Lizard”, Glen Porter with his “Penarth Pier” and Mike Lewis with “Eileen Doonan Castle”.

Our thanks go to John for his very constructive and positive criticism throughout the evening and congratulations to all prize winners but especially new members Glenn Porter and Tom Conibear for their successes.


09/10/2014 – First Month and Competition Results

Barry Camera club started its 2014-2015 season on Friday 5th September at the St. Francis Millennium Centre and we have had a very interesting first month to the season.  First off was a presentation of printing techniques by Rob Owens, AFAIP, DPAGB, AWPF and several new members were welcomed.

Week two saw the visit of Steve Littlewood who showed us a fine selection of prints and projected images of his shots taken at the recent Royal International Air Tattoo at Fairford, in Gloucestershire.  Steve uses very long telephoto lenses to take such sharp close-ups and demonstrated the equipment he uses, which includes a novel shoulder harness to steady the long, heavy lenses.  Steve also showed a selection of very impressive shots of birds in flight and finished off with a selection of shots taken at Porthcawl in the extreme weather we saw earlier this year.  Steve’s passion for the subject and commitment to quality was highly appreciated by all members who agreed that this was one of the best presentations they had ever seen.

On week three we welcomed Margaret Salisbury FRPS, APAGB, EFIAP, a widely published and highly respected photographer who gave us a wonderful presentation.  Margaret is known as the ‘Flying Dragon’ for the amount of world wide travel she does in pursuit of her photographic work and showed us both prints and projected images of a wide range of subjects including landscapes, urban, domestic and industrial subjects taken in the many countries of the world that she has visited world-wide.  The members particularly enjoyed her pictures of family life is Ghana and other West African countries which really brought home the contrast between African and European lifestyles.

Last week was competition week, and the visiting judge for the September competition was Phil Ray, CPAGB.  Phil had quite a task due to the impressive number of entries which included entries from some of the newer members.  As a judge he is not known for being too altruistic in his marking and as expected the wide range of marks reflected that, however he did make one award of the maximum of 20 points for a lovely digital image submitted by Ken Mayled.

Competition results were:

Monochrome Print:

1st Rob Owens “Channel Crossing” (19 points)
2nd Brian Trego “To The Sea” (18 points)
3rd Glenn Porter “Helvellyn” (17 points)

Colour Print:

1st Roy Carr “Dawn Over Wenvoe” (19 points)
2nd Roy Carr “Loch Duich Reflections” (18 points)
Joint 3rd Rob Owens “Siesta Time” (17 points)
Frank Cleland “Vapour Trails” (17 points)
Barbra Archdale-Smith “Penarth Pier” (17 points)

Digital Image:

1st Ken Mayled “Colour” (20 points)
2nd Brian Trego “Wastwater Storm” (19 points)
3rd Steve Everitt “The Sad Puffin” (18 points)

Congratulations to all who were placed, especially Rob Owens, Roy Carr and Brian Trego who all achieved two placings each. October’s planned programme includes a talk on the use of Adobe Photoshop by Allen Lloyd, an evening dedicated to monochrome work presented by Gareth Martin, a photo battle with Cardiff Camera Club, a talk on Panoramas presented by Harry Gardiner and the judge for the October competition will be John Ridgewell.

New members are particularly encouraged and will be made most welcome with a programme being prepared especially for the new and less experienced photographers to allow them to quickly gain more proficiency and satisfaction from their hobby.


09/10/2014 – Barry Camera Club Summer Events

Barry Camera Club wound up its Summer season with a fascinating display of Natural History, close-up and macro shots from expert local photographer Steve Everitt who displayed a wide range of animal and plant subjects in a high quality presentation.  Many thanks, Steve, for a very interesting night.  This followed on from a talk by club Chairman Mike Lewis who gave us a presentation of his thirty plus years as an active photographer.  Prints, both in colour and black and white, covered a huge range of subjects ranging from the traditional landscapes, seascapes and portraits through to more specialist areas such as architecture, abstract, pattern and fine art pictures.  It was particularly interesting to see how photographic styles have changed over the years, and how developments in equipment and materials have changed the way in which we see photographs presented today.  A highlight of the summer programme was the visit of Martyn Pinches AFIAP, AWPF who brought along the lovely Rachel for an evening of portraiture using professional grade studio lighting.

Taking advantage of the fine weather we have enjoyed throughout the summer, the club arranged photographic field trips to Dewstow Gardens, Royal International Air Tattoo at Fairford, Cosmeston Country Park, the Elan Valley and Gigrin Park Red Kite Centre, Roath Park, Cardiff Bay and Skomer Island.  Many thanks are extended to the individual members who organised some of these trips.


29/05/2014 – Competition Round Up

It has been quite a year for Competition photography, with some closely fought battles among club members in a number of events.

Monthly Competition Series

In September, Mike Lewis, referring to the Monthly Competitions, commented “It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon”.  How right he was, with promising contenders falling by the wayside in the final stages of this 8 month series.

Out of 41 Members, 10 individuals have scored the magic 20 points in one of the Monthly categories.  Among these was Ryan McFarlane who came away with his first ever trophy in April with his digital image “Mellow Yellow”.  Well done Ryan!  I hope this leads the way for other younger members of the Club as well as setting down a challenge to those of a more mature vintage.

The big winner across the Monthly series was Mike Lewis, who won both Monochrome Prints and Digital Images.  He dominated the Monochrome prints with an impressive 150 points, out of a possible 160, including no less than four 20’s.  Barbra Archdale-Smith and Rob Owens kept him ‘honest’ with 141 and 139 points respectively.  Mike was pushed rather more closely in the Digital Images section, taking the lead by a single point in the final April round with 142 points, over Roy Carr on 141.  Tina Haydon came a very close third with 140 points.  This is a significant achievement for Tina who was in just her second year of competition, particularly given the popularity of the Digital Image section.  She will certainly be one to watch next year.

Mike did not get it all his own way.  Barbra Archdale-Smith won the Colour Print category with 146 points, including three 20’s.  Well done Barbra, especially given the demands of establishing a new business selling her images!  He did however underline his consistency, by coming in second with 142 points, a score he shared with Roy Carr.  Rob Owens and Brian Trego shared third place with 134 points each.

The David Hunt Trophy

David was a long standing member of the Club. His death last year was deeply felt by Club Members who knew him for his caving and natural history images as well as his commitment to the Club itself.  Thankfully his presence continues to be felt through a generous bequest in his will – The David Hunt Trophy for Natural History which was awarded for the first time this year.  Jan Cawley took on the judging on the night David’s daughter was on hand to present this splendid trophy.

Tina Haydon, who has increasingly made her presence felt with her own natural history images, came away as a worthy winner with her enchanting “Would you like a nut?”, a lively portrait of a squirrel.

Hugh Winnan also scored a 20 with his print ‘Confrontation’, coming a close runner up to Tina.  Steve Everitt and Roy Carr were awarded 19 point each for their images ‘Laughing Horse’ and ‘Brown Hare, Derbyshire’.

This new award attracted 96 images.  It was pleasing to see so many entries.  I hope it will continue to attract this level of interest.

Annual Dinner and Awards

Club Members and their significant others packed out Da Gennaro Italian Restaurant in Barry on Friday 16th May.  Forty people gathered to enjoy fine food and see who came away with the trophies on offer that night. 102 prints were submitted and 90 digital images form 16 Club members.  Restaurant staff also visibly enjoyed the show as Leigh Woolford, EFIAP, AWPF offered his comments on the top three placed images, alongside Highly Commended images awarded in each of the nine Classes

Tina Haydon featured again. She won the Cliff Dimond Trophy for Best Digital Portrait with her ‘Beach Den’ and the Dan Evans Trophy for Miscellaneous Projected Images with ‘Abandoned’ and topped that with Best Digital Image in Show, again with ‘Beach Den’. The David Hunt Trophy was also re-presented to her on the night.

Roy Carr was also prominent, winning the Hansen Cup for Monochrome Landscape/Seascapewith ‘Severn Beach Sea Wall’; the Jill Nicola Rose Bowl for Landscape/Seascape Colour Print with ‘Dawn over Wenvoe and Steepholme’; the A.M. Dimond Trophy for Miscellaneous Colour Print with ‘Preparing for Take Off’ and Best in Show Colour Print.  Again with ‘Dawn over Wenvoe and Steepholme’

Rob Owens walked away with two trophies for the same image “Hardman” – the T.J. Lewis Cup for Best Monochrome Portrait and Best in Show for Monochrome Prints.

Mr Consistent, Mike Lewis, won the Major Arthur Hammond Trophy for Best Miscellaneous Monochrome Print with ‘Aground’. Brian Trego joined him as winner of the Paul Trophy for best Projected Landscape/Seascape image with ‘Autumn Lights’.

It was also pleasing to see Ceri Burrows gain a third place for her projected portrait ‘Chelsea’; Jane Clapham a Highly Commended for her image ‘After the Rain and Mac Britton gain a Highly Commended for ‘Garage Music’.  They were joined in high placings by Hugh Winnan, Frank Cleland, Steve Everett, Rob Owens, Mike Lewis, Brian Trego, Barbra Archdale-Smith and Roy Carr.

Full results for all of these competitions are available on the Club Web site.


07/01/2014 – Michael Dearden

Michael Dearden is one of the UK’s top portrait and wedding photographers. He became the UK Master Photographer of the Year in 2010 which saw him gain many plaudits in the photography press for his unusual and daring style.  He has also won UK Portrait Photographer of the Year; UK Wedding Photographer of the Year; UK Contemporary Photographer of the Year; Welsh Fashion Photographer of the Year and 10 times Welsh Master Photographer of the Year.

Mike is a ‘Master Educator’ which means that he is very good at communicating what he does and how he does it.

13/12/2013 – Iceland

Dyrholeay Arch      Jokulsarlon Beach

On Friday 13th December, Barry Camera Club welcomed Leigh Woolford EFIAP, AWPF from Gwynfa Camera Club.  Leigh is a camera club judge on the Welsh Photographic Federation circuit and also a guest speaker.  Leigh gave what he described as a travelogue of his images, taken while touring around Iceland.  His images varied from seascapes, landscapes, snow, ice, volcanic to waterfalls.  He described his images as mainly snapshots with only a few as suitable for competitions. I think I am safe to say that we disagree with him and would describe his images as stunning.  It may have been Friday 13th and unlucky for some but at Barry Camera Club we were lucky to have a photographer of such calibre visit us.  He was a real inspiration.

Seljalandsfoss        Jokulsarlon

8/11/2013 – Three Way Battle with Barry, Cardiff and Rhwbina

Barry Camera Club have come away as winners of the Three Way Battle between Barry, Methryr Tydfil and Rhwbina held at the Rhwbina Camera Club on Friday 8th November.

The Judge for the evening was Fred Davies, ARPS, AWPF who came to judge in Barry at the end of September.

The first half of the competition was very closely run, with both Merthyr and Rhwbina scoring 132 out of a possible 160 for their prints and Barry scoring 131. So it was all down to the digital projected images.

Here Barry came to the fore, scoring 145 out of a possible 160, with Mike Lewis achieving full points with a 20 for his ‘Looking At You’, the winner of the Barry Monthly in September and Roy Carr getting 19 each for ‘Across the sea to Skye’ and ‘Take Off’.  Merthyr scored 139 and Rhwbina 127.

Final scores were Barry 276, Merthyr 271 and Rhwbina 259.

Barry had nine of their members represented in the selected images:

Barbra Archdale-Smith with ‘Spring Time Promise’ (print, 15 points) and ‘Gondolas’ (print, 17 points)

Roy Carr with ‘All Buoyed Up’ (print, 19 points), ‘Across the sea to Skye’ (digital, 19 points) and ‘Take Off’ (digital, 19 points).

Cath Charlton Whitaker with ‘Bodmin Moor Standing Stone’ (digital, 16 points)

Kathy Edwards with ‘Handles, Locks and Hooks’ (digital, 17 points)

Tina Haydon with ‘Arctic Tern’ (digital, 18 points)

Mike Lewis with ‘George Good Times’ (print, 16 points), ‘Mountain Cottage’ (print, 18 points), ‘Looking at you’ (digital, 20 points) and ‘Bluebell Cottage’ (digital, 18).

Rob Owens with ‘Temptation’ (print, 17 points)

Brian Trego with ‘Town Entrance’ (print, 15 points) and ‘Bamborough Castle’ (digital, 18 points)

Hugh Winnan with ‘Lisbon Balconies’ (print, 14 points)

A big thank you to Rhwbina for hosting this event.


2/11/2013 – Pixels 2013

The 2nd November saw Pixels 2013 take place at Talbot Green Community Centre.  It is the 9th running of an event which evolved out of the Gwynfa Contemporary Competition.  This year the event was organised by Gwynfa Camera Club.  This event attracted entries from 36 clubs from around Wales, each of which submitted four digital images.

Judging was by Gwen and Phil Charnock, both FRPS and MFIAP, who provided an entertaining double act throughout proceedings.

Inn Focus came first with an impressive 78 points out of a possible 80, including three 20s.  Host Club Gwynfa came second with 75 and Ebbw Vale third with 71.

Barry scored 59 which saw us finish ahead of nine other clubs.  Of particular note was Tina Haydon’s score of 18 for her image ‘Head First’ which featured in the September Monthly Competition and the Battle with Cardiff.  The judges commented that this was a different approach to bird shots and clearly liked the symmetry and timing.  Well done Tina!

For full details visit the Gwynfa Camera Club website http://www.gwynfa.org.uk/ where you can see all of the images which competed as well as seeing the winning individual images.  Prepare to be impressed.

Head First by Tina Haydon
Head First by Tina Haydon


21/10/2013 – Cardiff v Barry Annual Photographic Battle

Barry Camera Club held its annual competition against Cardiff Camera Club on Friday 18th October 2013 at St Francis Millennium Centre.  There are two category’s in this competition: prints and projected digital images where each club enters 10 of each, i.e. a total of 20 prints and 20 digital images to be judged.  The evening started with the prints being judged and at the end of this section Cardiff were 3 points ahead.  Everyone then took a break to enjoy a buffet supplied by Barry.  After the break the digital images were judged and the score for this section was equal.  Overall at the end of the evening, Cardiff were three points in the lead and so won the competition.  The judge for the evening was Gareth Martin AWPF from Bridgend camera club.  Gareth said all prints and images were of a high standard.

Alpine Challenge


13/10/2013 – Annual Exhibition

Barry Camera Club has been holding its annual exhibition at Art Central Barry Library from 6th to 31st August 2013.  On Thursday 22nd August we managed to arrange an impromptu visit by Alun Cairns MP Vale of Glamorgan.  This was actually his second visit to the exhibition and he was very impressed. Alun was accompanied at the exhibition by club Chair Barbra Archdale-Smith and club Secretary Frank Cleland.  Behind the camera was club Programme Secretary Jamie Archdale-Smith.  These images are selected from club member’s images that were entered into competitions over the previous year.

Annual Exhibition

11/07/2013 – Barry Camera Club members receive Royal Photographic Society LRPS Award

Two Barry Camera Club members, Jamie Archdale-Smith and Frank Cleland were successful in gaining their Licentiateship of the Royal Photographic Society (LRPS) Award at Fenton House in Bath on 12th June.

The society’s distinctions are internationally respected and sought after by professional and amateur photographers.  Over 1000 applications for Licentiateship, Associateship and Fellowship are received each year with around 600 being successful.  Submissions are held in different categories and are assessed by a qualified Panel of senior members of the society.  The society takes great care in maintaining standards and in promoting excellence among photographers.

This is the first level of the Royal Photographic Society distinctions demonstrates with the submission of 10 mounted prints, a high standard of technical competence, creativity and presentation and a demonstration of a wide range of camera skills.

Frank’s pictures were mostly taken on holiday in Hong Kong and Australia with a few from closer to home in Wales.

Jamie’s came from trips to Italian cities such as Venice and Rome, as well as Prague.

Well done to Frank and Jamie.

Barbra Archdale-Smith ARPS


02/07/2013 – Annual Dinner – by Frank Cleland

Barry Camera Club held its annual dinner and awards at the Mount Sorrel Hotel on Friday 17th May.  The evening was organised by Barbra and Jamie Archdale-Smith and was well attended by old and new members of the club.  The photographs were judged and awards presented by Gareth Martin AWPF CPAGB from Bridgend Camera Club who had to contend with quite a large selection of photographs.  In the annual competition the categories are: Mono Prints, Colour Prints, Projected and Overall.  The Trophies were picked up by Brian Trego, Mike Lewis, Barbra Archdale-Smith, Steve Durbin, Roy Carr and Kathy Edwards.

Also this year, a very special thank you in recognition to the service provided by two long serving members, Tom Alexander and John Harvey for their contribution to the club over many years.

Tom joined Barry Camera Club during the 1980s, and during his many years interest in the club, he has been one of our most obliging members.  Tom served on the committee for several years, helping to steer the club and make appropriate decisions in the club’s best interests.  Tom has also tended and made equipment for the club.  He has made frames for club photographs displayed in Llandough Hospital.  Tom is routinely among the first to arrive at the club on a Friday night, setting out the chairs long before most members arrive.  Tom took over the role of tea and coffee making, once John and Jean Harvey stepped down from this duty.  Tom helps with competition battles and special occasions, such as organising the club’s Annual Dinner for many years.  Tom generously donates his time on Friday evenings during the summer months, organising photographic events for interested parties, which have proven popular when the weather permits.  In doing so, Tom has maintained the interest of newer club members during the summer break.  For many years, Tom has helped mount exhibitions, and proven to be someone in whom the club can always rely.  It gives Barry Camera Club great pleasure to award Tom Alexander with The Outstanding Contribution Award in acknowledgement of his endeavours.

Tom Alexander

John joined Barry Camera Club in the 1960s.  He was Chairman from 1984-1994, and led the club effectively during those years, always putting the club’s best interests first. John has been an inspirational photographer to this club and has led the way in experimentation and innovation.  If you need to know anything photographic, John is the oracle.  For many years, John and his wife Jean prepared the tea and biscuits for the club and guests on club nights, and have given their time generously to help in many ways.  Both John and Jean are much respected, long-standing members of this club and long may they remain so.  It gives Barry Camera Club great pleasure to award John Harvey with The Outstanding Contribution Award in acknowledgement of his endeavours.

John Harvey with Chair Alan Preece


30/06/2013 – National Botanical Gardens Visit – by Frank Cleland

Barry Camera Club visited the National Botanical Gardens Of Wales on Sunday 26th May.  Unusually for a bank holiday the weather was superb.  The trip was organised by Catherine Charlton and was well attended by club members who car shared to save fuel and costs.  Due to the large number attending we received a group discount.  Several events were taking place inside the large domed glasshouse such as a local club’s photographic display, model trains, patchworks exhibition, wooden spoon carving, young singers and the international garden photographer of the year display in the gallery.  The grounds also include a nature reserve, lakes, wooded areas, architecture and outdoor sculptures.

I’m sure lots of photos were taken and we can look forward to seeing some of them in the future at some time in the club.  Big thanks to Cath.