Beatles Competition

Rules for the Beatles Competition on 11th November 2016

This will be an internal and, hopefully, fun competition open to all members

The competition is for photographs that link to the title of a Beatles song or album title.  With each entry the entrant should submit a sealed envelope containing the title and a brief explanation of the link.

The link to the title should not be too obvious or to tenuous.  Thus for the ideal entry, no-one will be able to correctly guess the title it is linked to, but when the title and link are revealed, the reaction will be “Oh yes of course” (rather than “What!”)

So each entry will be subject to 2 tests:

  1. Once the photo is revealed to the audience (members) any member has 5 seconds to raise a hand to indicate that they think they know the title. Those with a hand raised will be asked to provide their answer together with the link.  The envelope will then be opened and if anyone has guessed correctly, that photograph has not passed the test (note that the correct title but an incorrect explanation of the link is not a correct guess).
  2. The title and link will then be read out to the audience. It is the consensus of the audience that will decide if the link is acceptable or if it is so tenuous as to be unacceptable.
  3. Photographs that pass both tests will go into the approved pile and the winner of the competition will be the one that is judged to be the best image in the approved pile.

Entries may be prints or electronic and members may submit a maximum of 3 of each, i.e. a total possible maximum of 6 entries per member.

The prints do not need to be mounted or any particular size, but should be large enough to be visible to the audience.

The file naming should be your membership number followed by the word Beatles followed by the number of the entry (i.e. 1, 2 or 3 etc.)

E.g. 25 Beatles 1, and for Electronic 25_Beatles_1

The sealed envelopes should be submitted with the same numbering (only) on the outside of the envelope.

Please note that it is only Beatles songs or album titles that are acceptable.  The songs must be on one of the Beatles albums, including the singles compilation albums.  Songs written or performed by the individual members after the breakup of the band are not acceptable.

Entries to be in by 28th October