About the Club

Barry Camera Club is one of the oldest camera clubs in Wales. It was officially formed in 1901 but prior to that it was part of the Barry YMCA.

The club is affiliated to the Wales Photographic Federation (WPF)

It is a friendly club where people with an interest in photography can meet. Some members simply enjoy the company and the events, whilst others get more involved in the photographic aspects of the club. Our members have a wide range and level of interest and photographic skills. Some use mobile phones whilst others use point and shoot or DSLR cameras.

 Of course, ‘it’s not the equipment it’s the skill with which it is used’.

Our club is open to anyone of any age with an interest in photography.  You don’t even have to live in Barry. Under 16s should normally be accompanied by an adult, or will be assigned an adult member to oversee (buddy) them.