A Presentation By Bernard Geraghty

Bernard began his presentation by sharing some superb landscape images taken in his homeland of Ireland. The seascape and waterfall images were taken at various locations around Ireland. Along with each image he explained his thoughts around composition and the techniques used to take the images. He finished off this initial section with a short […]

Photo Challenge – Open to Non Members

The next photo challenge is to produce a panel of 5 images with a common theme of “WATER”. The Format of the images can be either Digital images (DPIs) or Prints. You will only be allowed to submit either DPIs OR Prints but not both. The images will be judged separately as either best DPI […]

A Presentation by Gareth Williams

23rd April 2021 Gareth began his presentation with images from his early years in photography and through time his development as a photographer. Most of his images have been captured close to home along the coast from Barry to Llantwit major and beyond. He explained how his progression has been driven by his own search […]