Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Barry Camera Club is a medium size photographic club with between typically 20 and 40 members. Within the club our members work in a wide range of photographic fields. Some will be biased more towards one genre such as wildlife, landscape, astrophotography, etc, etc, whilst others just enjoy photography no matter what form it takes.

In the past (pre-Covid) we have run wildlife, landscape and Low light photography groups, where we organise field trips either locally or further afield.

In general, if there is demand for such groups someone will usually organise a special interest group. This of course does not define the photographic interest of any member and they may decide to belong to more than one group or none at all and just do their own thing.

These field trips are a great way to develop your photographic skills and to benefit from the skills and knowledge of other like minded members with an interest in a specific branch of photography.

Usually, the field trips will be local but on occasions we may decide to travel further afield e.g. Skomer island, waterfall country, Bird of prey sanctuary, lake district etc.  Also, just because the field trip is classified as say a wildlife trip we will often end up photographing say landscapes along with wildlife.

Where it is necessary to travel by car, car sharing is encouraged.

So Why not come along and join us – it’s a great club.