This is the Club Constitution as last revised, 30th May 2014.

The name of the club shall be ‘Barry Camera Club’.


The aim of the club is ‘To promote the advancement of the science and art of photography in all its forms and the education of its members by lectures, demonstrations and any other suitable means’.


Applications for membership shall be made in writing on the prescribed form.

Persons under 18 years of age shall be admitted to membership but shall have no voting rights.


The annual subscription to the club shall be fixed at the Annual General Meeting. Such fees shall be due on 1st September of each year and shall cover the year until 31st August.

New members joining part way through the year shall pay a pro-rata annual subscription reduction effective from the end of the month in which they join.

Members under 18 years of age shall pay half of the annual subscription.


The general management of the club shall be vested in a committee consisting of: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Secretary, Programme Secretary, Equipment Officer, Publicity Officer, Competitions and Exhibition Secretary and two committee members.  Six shall form a quorum.

Any officer or committee member failing to attend three consecutive Committee Meetings shall be deemed to have vacated his office unless a satisfactory explanation is furnished.

Vacancies on the Committee shall be reported to the club at the next ordinary club meeting and filled by election at the following club meeting.

The following records shall be kept posted to date:

By the Secretary: Minutes of the Committee Meetings, the Annual General Meeting and Extraordinary Meetings, plus keeping membership records.

By the Treasurer: bank statements for the year.

All these records shall be available at Committee Meetings.

The Committee shall have the power to expel any member whose conduct or actions shall have been deemed prejudicial to the Club provided that:

  • The member shall have another club member present at the hearing if he/she wishes.
  • Neither the member nor a complainant shall sit with the Committee in adjudication of the case.

Should the member have their club membership terminated by the Committee, they shall have the right to appear to state their case at an Extraordinary General Meeting which must be called within fourteen days on giving notice to the Secretary in writing.

An Annual Exhibition shall be held on a date or dates to be arranged by the Committee. Members are encouraged to support the exhibition.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

At such a meeting the quorum shall be forty percent of members. In the event of equal voting, the Chair, or Vice Chair in their absence, shall have the casting vote.

All officers and committee members shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and shall serve until the next AGM.  New committee members may co-opt outgoing members to assist in the change-over.

The Annual General Meeting shall be held in the months of April or May.  Due notice, together with an agenda, shall be given in writing at least fourteen days prior to said meeting.

Members submitting nominations for officers and members of the committee must obtain the prior consent of the nominee.  Anyone who is proposed for election and is unable to attend the AGM must provide written consent for production at the meeting.

Any officer or committee member may vacate their office by resignation or may be relieved of office by resolution of an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM).

New committee members will be updated on their Roles and Responsibilities at the next committee meeting.

Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)

An Extraordinary General Meeting must be called within twenty-one days following receipt by the Committee of a requisition of such a meeting, signed by at least four ‘Fully Paid Up’ members and stating the business to be considered.  All members shall be given seven days’ notice in writing of the holding of an Extraordinary General Meeting and of the business to be discussed.  At such a meeting the quorum shall be fifty percent of members. In the event of equal voting, the Chair, or Vice Chair in their absence, shall have the casting vote.

Extraordinary General Meetings shall be held at a time and place normal to club meetings and shall have priority over regular programmes.


A budget for the Programme Secretary will be agreed prior to or at the first committee meeting of the season and recorded in the minutes.

Any expenditure on behalf of the Club, in excess of twice the value of the current full membership subscription shall be authorised by two signatories.  Any sum in excess of this amount must have the prior sanction of the Committee.

Signatories to the club bank account will be the Treasurer, the Chair, the Secretary and one other.  However, two member of the same family cannot both be signatories.

No member of the Club shall receive payment for services rendered to the Club, other than approved expenses.

Winding Up

The decision to dissolve the Club and the allocation/disposal of all property, funds etc. shall be made at an Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting.  No resolution proposed at an AGM shall be voted upon for the dissolution of the club unless such proposal appears as a specific item on the agenda for the AGM.

Alteration To The Constitution

To this constitution there shall be no alteration or addition except at an Annual General Meeting or at an Extraordinary General Meeting and fourteen days’ notice shall be given of such proposed alteration or addition.

An Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting may adopt additional policies, procedures and rules for the governance and processes of the club as required by legislative and club needs.  These policies, procedures and rules cannot modify this constitution.