Competition Rules

These are the competition rules as revised 31st August 2016.  All prints and digital images entered to competitions can be used for publicity in local newspapers and display on the Barry Camera Club web site unless previously informed in writing to the Competition Secretary.

Monthly Competition Rules

There are three categories for the monthly competitions:

  • Colour Print
  • Monochrome Print
  • Projected Image

Members may enter two images per category.  Should more be submitted, the competition secretary will randomly remove images until the maximum number is reached and return the excess to the member.

An image may only be entered once for a monthly competition.  Only paid-up members are eligible to enter competitions.

Presentation of Prints

Prints may be home or trade produced but the images MUST belong to the photographer.

All prints must be mounted in a mount of overall maximum size 40cm x 50cm.  If double-mounting, the rear mount board may be smaller if required.

It is recommended that prints be large enough to be viewed comfortably by the judge and audience.

The rear of the mount must show:

  1. The member’s number
  2. The title of the image
  3. The category in brackets – colour or monochrome

Members must write these details in the same orientation as the print is intended to be displayed; preferably in the top left corner.

So, for example, member 34 submitting an image called “My Photo” for the mono category would write:

34 My Photo (Mono)

Care should be taken with mounting to ensure that tapes and adhesives used cannot damage others’ images.

Presentation of Projected Images

Digital images may be submitted on CD-R media (which must be closed – no further writing possible) or memory sticks.  Other memory sticks will be accepted if the club stick is not available.  CD-Rs will not be returned, memory sticks will be returned to the next club meeting following submission.  All entries must be virus scanned.

Digital images are to be submitted in the following file format –

  • Image size – maximum of 1400 pixels horizontal1050 pixels vertical
  • File Format – JPEG.  We recommend that you use the minimum compression/smoothing your software permits.  In Photoshop, this is quality 12 (best), for others you may need to set smoothing to 0% and quality to 100%
  • Colour space – sRGB IEC61966-2.1.  If you do not have colour space control in your software, do not be concerned as this is the standard default for the majority of systems.
  • Mode – RGB Colour 8 bit or Greyscale 8 bit.  These may be described in your package as 16.7m colours, RGB colour or simply Greyscale.
  • Resolution – this setting is not used for projected images, as the DPI depends on how large the image is projected.  However 72dpi is a commonly used setting for projected images if you wish to set this.

These settings should result in a file of about 1.4Mb although this size will vary depending on the complexity of the image.

For clarity, if you submit portrait format images the longest side (the vertical) must be 1050 pixels maximum – so portrait images will often contain fewer pixels than landscape ones (e.g. a 4:3 landscape image would be 1400×1050, a portrait image in the same ratio would be 1050×788).

The filename of your image must be of the form:



  • AA is your member number (on your membership card or receipt) as two digits.
  • _ is an UNDERSCORE character (shift and hyphen on most modern keyboards)
  • NNNNN is the title without spaces, with the start of words indicated by capitals.
  • JPEG is the identifying file extension; your system may not display this part.

For example, if I were member 34, submitting 2 images, one called “A Night at the Opera”, and the other “A Day at the Races”, the filenames would be:



Marking and Other Provisions

The judge will be asked to award marks out of 20 to each image.  They will also comment on each entry.

A monthly trophy (to be held for one month) will be awarded to the member having the highest score in each category.

For the purpose of the league table, the highest mark awarded to a member in each category each month is taken and totalled.  At the end of the season, the member having the highest aggregate points total will receive the annual trophy for that category, which is retained.  In the event of a tie, the member with the greater number of monthly winning entries will be selected.

The competition secretary may, at their discretion, mark images with a B (indicating that a member is new to competition) to enable the judge to give “fair and constructive criticism”.

Members who are unused to entering competitions and are unsure about the standards and concerned about the level of mark they might receive, can submit entries for assessment only.  The judge will be asked to provide constructive criticism of the entry but will not award a mark.

To submit entries for assessment only, members should follow the naming procedure as above and put a capital A after their membership number.  It is recommended to discuss this with the competition secretary prior to making such entries.

Member’s images may be selected by the selection committee to go forward to inter-club battles.  Members may refuse to allow their images to be entered, but must let the competition secretary know this before submission.  Images will be returned to members as soon as possible.

Competitions with not-for-credit judging may be arranged if sufficient interest exists.

David Hunt Trophy

The David Hunt Trophy is a competition for Natural History photography, and is held annually in memory of the late, long-standing club member, David Hunt.

Up to 6 printed images and 6 digital projected images will be accepted from each member.  Images shall be sized as for monthly competitions.  However, unmounted printed images will be accepted.  Both colour and monochrome prints will be judged within the same category.

The David Hunt Trophy will be awarded to the image judged to be the best image in the competition.

Annual Competition & Exhibition

The general submission rules above apply to images submitted for the Annual Competition and Exhibition.  However:

  1. The Class (see below) must additionally be marked on the image
  2. There is a limit of 4 images per class
  3. An image may only be entered once for an annual competition.

For prints and slides, members must write “Class X” (where X is the class below) on the mount.

For digital images, members must put “_ClassX”  at the end of the filename before the file extension. For example:



Annual Awards and Classes

Class and Class Trophies

Monochrome Prints
Class Trophy Subject
1. Hansen Cup Landscape or Seascape Print
2. T.J. Lewis Cup Portrait Print
3. Major Arthur Hammond Cup Miscellaneous Print
Colour Prints
Class Trophy Subject
4. Jill Nicola Rose Bowl Landscape or Seascape Print
5. President’s Trophy Portrait Print
6. A.M. Dimond Trophy Miscellaneous Print
Projected Images
Class Trophy Subject
7. Paul Trophy Landscape or Seascape Projected Image
8. Cliff Diamond Trophy Portrait Projected Image
9. Dan Evans Trophy Miscellaneous Projected Image

 Overall Trophies

Trophy Subject
Richard Hopkins Shield Best Monochrome Print in the competition
Randall Cox Trophy Best Colour Print in the competition
Projected Image of the Year Trophy Best projected Image in the competition