Cate Barrow 26 March 2021

Cate kicked off her ZOOM presentation with an introduction to Underwater Photography by showing a few sample images to whet our appetites. She then went on to provide an overview of the challenges of underwater photography the equipment required.

She discussed the challenges posed by safe underwater photography and listed seven constraints to be considered before a dive and another six related to equipment required, these included such things as personal protection, equipment protection, camera control methods, lighting and the effects of water depth on the diver, the lighting, visibility, colour and personal safety etc..

The use of photographic images was used to depict and justify some of these effects and requirements, including, strobe and flash lighting, ‘sea snow’ or crud in the water and the need to get up-close to the subjects. Often this meant getting very close to some dangerous creatures including sharks, rays etc..

The next topic was the impact of the photographer on the subject, the environment and the ecology since often the subject was virtually invisible from even close distance due to camouflage. Getting close meant avoiding any unnecessary physical contact with each of these.

Diving in foreign countries was then discussed, as often these might entail spending several days and nights on a boat in the middle of nowhere, to give enough time to capture the local and native species at the right time and conditions – often in the cold dark of night along with the local marine laws and issues affecting the ecology etc.

The main part of the presentation consisted of showing and discussing images from around the world including such places as : Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Maldives, Soloman Islands and the Bahamas. The images could only be described as fantastic, with some being rather scary (sharks etc). Many of the images had been successfully entered in international competitions.

Conclusion: A great presentation with several superb images great explanations and insight into Underwater Photography. I am sure we will be inviting Cate back for one of her Wildlife presentations in the future.

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