Recent Presentations

Presenter:  Roy Carr        TITLE:   From Very Near To Not Quite So Far          

Roy started his presentation by taking us on a journey to inspire us to look closer to home for some of our photography with some excellent images of flowers, trees and insects. One set of images followed the development of a dragon fly from nymph to dragon fly, quite amazing. He then took us through his home village with some images of VE day celebrations within his local community.

Leaving his village for the countryside he took us through his local woodland to some of the great waterfalls in the Neath valley. Here he treated us to some excellent landscapes and waterscapes, guiding us through his technique and observations for each image.

The final section of his photographic journey took us to the hills and vales of the region. Here he explained the benefit of developing a relationship with the countryside. This enabled him to gain insight and an inner knowledge of the vantage points and the opportunities associate with them, as the days and seasons progress.

Roy ended his presentation on a very personal note that helped to explained his love of his local community and the countryside.

Presenter: Steve Everitt           From Far Far Away to Very Very Near                 

Steve was a long-standing member of the Barry Camera Club until he moved to Lanzarote to live. He now has a small thriving business selling his pictures at local markets and doing some commercial photography. He still keeps very much in touch with the Camera Club and often displays his images on our web site.

The region of the island where he lives offers some dark sky locations and the chance of some astounding views of night skies. Capitalising on this he began his presentation by showing some excellent shots of a range of Galaxies including Triazolam, Andromeda, Pleiades (M45), Our own Milky Way, Orion (M42), the nebulae Namur and Rosette and even the comet Neowise.

He then took us on a journey around the island of Lanzarote with views of the local volcanic regions Including the lava fields and some vast chambers, caverns and worm holes produced by the magma and larva. Along with some idyllic images of local towns, beaches and countryside.

One of Steve’s great passions as a photographer is wildlife, and to close he treated us to some images of the local fauna. Yes, he come up trumps with some great images of beasties including birds, spiders, butterflies and moths, flies of many types and also some strange looking bugs and insects.

A great presentation by an excellent photographer.                 

One comment

  1. I very much regret not having been able to watch either of these fascinating talks by two brilliant photographers and great personalities. Rita White.

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