Leigh Woolford

Leigh is a well establish and renown photographer with several qualification including: AWPF, EFIAP, DPAGB, BPE 3* and FWPF Hons. He is a long-standing member of Gwynfor Camera Club.

Leighs presentation began by explaining how he became interested in Photography at a very early age. He showed pictures taken by his father who was also a keen photographer and member of Gwynfor CC. These pictures included some of him from his early years. Leigh was aged 10 years when he was given his own Kodak instamatic 233 camera. He then accompanied his father to the camera club and his interest in photography took off from there.

During his early years Leigh developed a keen interest in GIG photography and often followed his favourite artists, groups and musicians around taking some excellent pictures of their performances. Some of the groups included ‘The Tubes’, Dooley Brothers’, Focus and in particular Jan Akkerman.

The next genre of his photography was People where he produced some excellent Street and Candid images.

There were some family shots and also great images taken at re-enactments and Rugby days at Cardiff.

He also enjoyed motor racing in all its forms and once again provided some stunning images of a variety of events including formula 1.

Next he took us on his travels showing us excellent images from a variety of countries and locations around the world including, Morocco, Hong Kong, Sweden and Iceland. For the more difficult shots Leigh explained the camera settings and equipment used to achieve the high degree of excellence of his pictures.

All in all a very interesting and inspiring presentation

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