Photo Challenge – Open to Non Members

The next photo challenge is to produce a panel of 5 images with a common theme of “WATER”.

The Format of the images can be either Digital images (DPIs) or Prints.

You will only be allowed to submit either DPIs OR Prints but not both.

The images will be judged separately as either best DPI or best Print.

Judging will take place at the first meeting of the Club on Friday 3rd September 2021

at the St. Francis Millennium Hall, Barry.


We have made an exception this year to allow non members to enter one of our competitions on a one off basis to include PROSPECTIVE members.

Prospective members should register their interest by using one of the contact email addresses given on this website, under POLICY and CONTACT.

Presenting Images: DPI images should be submitted on a memory stick and Printed Images mounted on card. Image presentation details can be found on this website under POLICY and COMPETITION RULES.

Should you need any help please use the CONTACT email and one of our committee members will get back to you.

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