A Presentation By Bernard Geraghty

Bernard began his presentation by sharing some superb landscape images taken in his homeland of Ireland. The seascape and waterfall images were taken at various locations around Ireland. Along with each image he explained his thoughts around composition and the techniques used to take the images. He finished off this initial section with a short but interesting video with voice over.

From here he went ‘Beyond’ with some excellent images from Lofoten Islands (Norway), Iceland, Slovenia, Glencoe, Faroe Islands and the Dolomites, explaining his techniques and thoughts regarding composition in each case. Once again he rounded off this section with an other short video taken in the Lofoten Islands.

Often his location gave him access to some superb dark skies which he took advantage of for the next section of his presentation on Astrophotography. His dark sky images included views from Ireland, Botswana, Tenerife and the obligatory images of the Aurora Borealis from Iceland and the Lofoten islands.

The final section of his presentation was entitled ‘Storm Chasing’. Here he took advantage of his location in Ireland with the North sea and Atlantic coast lines, to get some excellent images of lightening storms across the water and huge waves crashing against the rocks and shoreline. Once again producing some fabulous images.

This presentation was up there with the best we have seen, some really stunning images and a great learning and inspirational experience.

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